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Folding wall bed.

A folding wall bed or Murphy bed as it's sometimes known, can be a great space-saving addition to any home. Especially if you have a spare bedroom which you want to use for occasional guests, but want the room to serve a dual purpose e.g. a fitness room, an office, games room etc.

Wall bed in MDF

The folding wall bed above with cupboards either side was constructed in MDF and took about a week to build.

The actual bed base has been made to resemble a pair of doors in the centre. 

It has been decorated by the customer and the finish looks great in my opinion.

The below image was taken during construction.........

MDF wall bed construction

The mechanism works by way of pistons and the mattress can be stored inside the structure when not in use.

The bed structure can be made to measure to suit all size rooms.

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